Edward Burne-Jones - The Wizard (1896-98) [4500 × 7583]

2021.09.20 13:25 Silver-Hunter-1025 Edward Burne-Jones - The Wizard (1896-98) [4500 × 7583]

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2021.09.20 13:25 RoffBasson Test

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2021.09.20 13:25 z-x Since north is preparing for the fall, I published the playlist that always drives me through all sorts of emotions and that I can't really play in a background - have to listen to it with full focus

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2021.09.20 13:25 Schrodingers__dick Obviously way too slow for the current meta but at this point what isnt

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2021.09.20 13:25 WrestleTownAA Happy Birthday "All Ego" Ethan Page and Darius Martin.

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2021.09.20 13:25 Lucas_c13 Where dreams come true

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2021.09.20 13:25 Maybe_a_question Assuming we find life on other planets, would their scientific name still be spelled in Latin?

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2021.09.20 13:25 smittyhighroller It still hurts.

We broke up after 6 years and a child together. I know I was the reason why we broke up. I was an alcoholic and addict. She broke up with me in February. Recently it’s been hurting me a lot. All the time to reflect and think about the past in my new found sobriety. Everyday I’m trying my hardest to move on but I just find myself stuck ruminating about us. She’s moved on and is dating someone else which only adds to the pain.
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2021.09.20 13:25 Thin_Environment6114 MELD the Banking Stack for DeFi is the first non-custodial, banking protocol. You can securely lend & borrow both crypto and fiat currencies with ease and stake your MELD tokens for APY.

Here's How It Works
1. Take out a loan
Using the MELDapp, choose how much cash you’d like to borrow. Add your crypto as collateral (2x the amount you’d like to borrow) and lock it into a MELD smart contract.
2. Get your cash
Once the smart contract is in place, your loan is electronically transferred to your bank account anywhere in the world.
3. Earn yield on your crypto
Your crypto collateral is added to MELD’s liquidity pools to generate yield and work for you for the entire lifespan of the loan.
4. Pay back the loan
Make monthly payments to pay back the interest and principle of your loan. Once the loan is paid off, your collateral is released to you.
5. Earn all the time
Regardless if you are borrowing, lending, staking or Hodling you are always earning yield from the crypto in your MELDapp.
Using the MELDapp, choose how much cash you’d like to borrow. Add your crypto as collateral (2x the amount you’d like to borrow) and lock it into a MELD smart contract.
The Banking Stack for DeFi - MELD
To learn more, visit us on
Website: https://meld.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MELD_labs
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/q4WH6OSnlRRjOWMx
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/KdACnWuc
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2021.09.20 13:25 GatsbyEnergy European Gas Surges More Than 10% as Russia Keeps Grip on Supply

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2021.09.20 13:25 m_bulcsu This is my new bike after someone stole it.

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2021.09.20 13:25 KirilenkoAK47 Anyone else feel like they should have just made snakeskin the third seasonal skin? Seems like every gun is getting it anyway

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2021.09.20 13:25 milarog_ Can anyone help me improve my team please ? I really dont know what teams i should do for pve and pvp.

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2021.09.20 13:25 SteelFC02 Can someone resize this to 3840x1080 for dual monitors?

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2021.09.20 13:25 chibiso Why sometimes random volumes from an on going series go out of print?

I just received an email saying that vol. 6 f black butler went out of print, but others keep getting restocked, i'm so confused. Does this mean the whole series is going out of print or is there a possibility they'll print that volume again in the future?
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2021.09.20 13:25 abdultraders Impotent Tips for Finding Place to Draw Sketch

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2021.09.20 13:25 ClarkFrm42 Back when edai replied to my comment lol

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2021.09.20 13:25 mapler0se Nexplanon removed today, 6 months after. symptoms of nexplanon (hair loss, acne...)

(Excuse me if I make some mistakes while writing, I am French, English isn't my native language.) I just got the implant removed today. I got it 6 months ago.
2 weeks after the placement I've noticed that I was sweating a lot more, I was getting hot or cold very easily. But my mood had improved compared to the pill I was taking before (oestroprogestative, idk if it's the right word in english). I took the same pill for 7 years (since I was 15yo) and I interupted twice. At the end my mood was a mess, really depressed with big waves of anxiety.
First month after the placement, I had spottings. They come for 3 weeks then i don't have any for 1 week or 4 days and they come back for another 3 weeks. I also lost weight which is not something I wanted because I'm trying to gain weight, my height is 1m53 and I weight 39-40kg. I went down to 37-38kg.
3 months after the implant was placed, the symptoms (sensitivity to heat/cold, sweating and spottings) were still there and 3 other symptoms came, hair loss, back acne and hair growth on the chin + moustache. Every time I brushed my hair, they were everywhere, on the sink, the floor, in my bed, on my clothes... Washing my hair was worse, I had hair on my hands, arms and back. I never ever lost this much. The back acne was okay at first but in a matter of a week or two it was out of control. I had back acne before taking the pill but just a few pimples here and there. It was manageable with a skin care routine. The only pros were that my mood had significantly improved and that I don't get pregnant. Even if I had these symptoms, I wanted to see if the hormones will regulate. I also thought that maybe I had those symptoms because I got off the pill and it was a big hormonal change for my body.
Today, the symptoms such as the sweating, the temperature sensitivity, the spottings are still there after 6months and they did not change at all. The amount of hair falling out has increased (it is starting to show on the side of my head near the ears and on the forehead). I have natural thin hair but I have a lot of it so my hair has a normal thickness. I consider myself lucky. If I didn't have that much hair there might be more scalp showing. The acne is worse and starts to go down in the middle of my back and sometimes in my lower back. The pimples are inflammed, painful and deep under the skin. I wash my back with a tea tree face wash and I use Curaspot to dry the pimples, it helps a little bit but not completely. The good news is that I've gained weight, i'm back to 39-40kg and my goal is 42-44kg.
I will see if all of those symptoms improve and if there due to nexplanon now that I got it removed. I'm also impatient to see how my body produce it's own hormones. I plan to see a dermatologist if the back acne or the hair loss does not improve in the next 6 months. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this or if it happened to you as well.
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2021.09.20 13:25 Qoppa_Guy Beating the 10-Hour Shutdown Deadline

Beating the 10-Hour Shutdown Deadline May I please enjoy this? Ultra Class 5 with 3 shards is the worst position to be put in. It took me 3 and a half hours from the Ultra snapshot to finally hitting Master rank.
The stories were true: Master rank players just strolling around, some even putting their controllers down for a snack or a nap, perhaps. Rotating to objectives? Some have never heard of the concept, and they dare show me their blue-colored double folded Pokemon license cards. More often than not, our team lost every objective except for Zapdos, so dumb luck had a lot to do with these coin flip matches. Lucario is dumb; it does way too much damage and it's so irritating.
My win condition for the final Ultra 5 match was this: please let there be a Gardevoir or Garchomp player. We got one. Top lane Zeraora was super aggressive and bullied the poor Ralts. I went to evolve -- my only condition to go on a scoring rampage -- and the team took care of everything else.
Solo queue is hell, but it didn't need to be. I'm finally one of you guys -- the 70% who seem to enjoy sharing how they did it. It took me 969 matches because most of my early season matches were in standard. I gave up on standard once I got tired of AFKs and trolls and salty kids. I even gave up playing with people on Discord: time difference, playstyle difference and just personally not feeling the satisfaction of being carried to glory. I did learn how to play Crustle through someone in that Discord, so much thanks for giving me an opportunity for a time.
But I'm in. I can take a break. Heck, now I can play another Pokemon now. Crustle can take a nice break. Its back must be aching from the heavy carriage.
Perseverance finally pays off...!
Just one more...
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2021.09.20 13:25 LostinOst I had this broken playstation 1, so I made a guitar out of it! :)

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2021.09.20 13:25 Aegon19 Kaley Cuoco

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2021.09.20 13:25 krishnasism Waste of time and effort!!

Sorry, just ranting..
So I’m looking to get a job that would help me get a visa sponsorship (I know I am asking for so much! But bear with me)
There’s this company in Amsterdam, they invited me to take their online coding round after I applied.
On hackerrank, I got 2 questions 100% test cases correct. The last question was taking too long for me to complete so I didn’t bother completing the last test case. So I got all except one test case right. I didn’t think spending 5+ hours on an online test was worth it - because hey - I got 99%
Note: The last question was a graph problem, where you had to find the shortest route from one node to another (start and destinations are user inputs) and if the time taken is less than the max allowed time(user input) then print the whole path.
Why does every company want to be Google?
Their response: Thank you for finishing the HackerRank test. We have discussed the results internally and unfortunately we have to conclude that the outcome is not sufficient to proceed with the application process.
What else do you need?!
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2021.09.20 13:25 geolaw Pro license retrieval without Google play?

Side loaded nzb360 on my fire tablet using SHAREit. I know I can also side load Google play but from some things I've read, that will disable some other Amazon features that I use (Alexa dashboard).
Is there any way to get my pro license recognized?
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2021.09.20 13:25 Mental_Boysenberry22 FIRED and UN-FIRED 3 times in my life

Throwaway account cos of the story;
The first time I made it when I was 22, I got lucky trading options and warrants immediately after the 9/11 attacks n 2001, basically betting on a V shaped recovery, NW went to around $1m, which for a 21 year old, was enough to coast at my job. Could've bought 3 houses and retired but I continued to trade, and my NW went to $50k in the 3 years after. Lesson learned is that there is no long term edge for any retail in stock speculation.
Second time I made it was when I was 28, I had gotten into affiliate marketing in 2004, and over the next 4 years made enough to actually quit my job. I bought a house with yard, all cash, no loan. By 2008, I was putting enough Google adwords through my credit card that I flew 4 times a year on first class on just from the Amex points I was racking up. I had an account manager in Google I talked to cos I was a whale ad spend. I had a liquid NW of around $5m. Could've sold everything and bought 10 houses after the GFC crisis and retired.
I was feeling pretty arrogant, and thought I was pretty smart and could do anything and make money, so I decided to take some of my money and do a venture backed startup to really "take over the world", this was around the time that all those unicorns like Facebook, Dropbox, was reaching multi-billion dollar valuations and IPO'ing. I wanted that. The startup was one of those that didn't really make any revenue and was all about growth and user numbers. This was back in 2011-2012 before lazada, shopee, etc... so before any of the big ecommerce players came, it was just way too early. WE raised a bunch of VC money, and long story short, it didn't work, I lost all my investors money, I lost a huge bunch of my own money. I took money out of my mortgage to pay expenses, etc...
My wife begged me to go and find a corporate job and get a stable salary. Cos she had to go back to work to support the family cos of my business failure.
Instead I decided to do a fitness business which I was just about to launch when covid hit in March 2020. When covid hit, my business became not viable, and I had spent about 2 years getting ready for this new business venture. This was a really tough time my net worth was now less than $1m, which when you have wife and kids and no stable job, is kinda dangerous.
I took about 100k of that, and put it into a crypto as a "last ditch effort" to not have to get a corporate job. I've been studying Crypto since 2018, so I was not a complete newb, but reading about it is different than really understanding it, I basically dived headlong into crypto and caught two major trends in the last year, the first was Defi, and went in early on a lot of Defi tokens, the 2nd was NFTs and went in really early on some blue chip NFTs. Long story short, my 100k is now 20m.
So over the past 20 years, I've made it 3 times, and I'm never really going to retire and take it easy, despite having the ability to do so, my personality is that I am passionate about whatever I do, and I'm sure I will take some bumps in crypto going forward, but that's just my personality.
Anyway, it felt good to type it up and get it off my chest since basically nobody knows the complete story of my financial ups and downs since anyone would think I am crazy to subject myself to this as a career.
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2021.09.20 13:25 rwoooshed $BP Special Report: BP gambles big on fast transition from oil to renewables

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