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(Dick Cloud)

2021.09.20 13:57 ZeRO________________ (Dick Cloud)

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2021.09.20 13:57 rPac12Bot [Week 4] Pick'em now live

The games for Week 4 are now up on rPac12.com!
All conference teams are in action in this week, and we've got 7 non-conference match-ups. The fun starts early with a game on Friday, so head over to rpac12.com to get your picks in! Good luck!
This Week's Games
Game Away Team Home Team Deadline
1 WAKE +4.5 @ UVA -4.5 Friday 9/24 4:00 pm
2 ND +5.5 @ WISC -5.5 Saturday 9/25 9:00 am
3 WSU +14.5 @ UTAH -14.5 Saturday 9/25 11:30 am
4 TAMU -5.5 @ ARK +5.5 Saturday 9/25 12:30 pm
5 RUTG +19.5 @ MICH -19.5 Saturday 9/25 12:30 pm
6 ISU -6.5 @ BAY +6.5 Saturday 9/25 12:30 pm
7 UCLA -3.5 @ STAN +3.5 Saturday 9/25 3:00 pm
8 TENN +20.5 @ UF -20.5 Saturday 9/25 4:00 pm
9 WVU +16.5 @ OKLA -16.5 Saturday 9/25 4:30 pm
10 CAL +7.5 @ WASH -7.5 Saturday 9/25 6:30 pm
11 ARIZ +28.5 @ ORE -28.5 Saturday 9/25 7:30 pm
12 ORST +13.5 @ USC -13.5 Saturday 9/25 7:30 pm
13 COLO +14.5 @ ASU -14.5 Saturday 9/25 7:30 pm
Last Week's Results
Game Away Team Spread Score Home Team Spread Score Correct Picks
Fewest Correct NAU +6.5 21 ARIZ -6.5 19 5
Most Correct IDHO +7.5 0 ORST -7.5 42 54
Top Scorers
Rank School Name Points
1 Colorado eSpiritCorpse 10
T-1 Utah zepcheese 10
2 Washington State bburn33 9
T-2 Washington gin_rainbows 9
T-2 California GoBears415 9
T-2 Colorado GoldenBuffaloes 9
T-2 Washington State jmt85 9
T-2 Oregon Prankcat 9
T-2 USC Redspade_ED 9
T-2 Oregon sconbon 9
T-2 USC trojanrage 9
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2021.09.20 13:57 crazybeequeen243 Hypomanic episode

In 2019, I hit a bad manic episode and didn't realize.. I was working at the time and it lasted for weeks on. I was working in a really toxic work environment and I went off my on manager for being stupid because the dishwasher element caught on fire the night before and she decided to just let us keep using it when it was unsafe and I just went on a huge explosive rant how it wasn't safe and that she shouldn't even be a manager if she thinks this is okay, no one would talk to me my irritablity was the highest I have ever seen it I ended up landing myself in the hospital because i literally stop sleeping for 3 weeks and still had energy, I stopped eating and kept working 9 hour shifts before that and my mother at the time told me that I'm dramatic and just to go for a walk I should be better which made no sense, she told me that I should just go to sleep and I'm making a huge deal out of nothing i was literally on week 3 of this mess i felt the most weak I have ever felt with the most energy. I got diagnosed this year with bipolar disorder and I always think back to that and things do make sense
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2021.09.20 13:57 ChemEBrew Who won gold, silver, and bronze medals for mental gymnastics at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this year?

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2021.09.20 13:57 Coolhwhipp This climite control dial or whatever is the worst design.... am I wrong?

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2021.09.20 13:57 sheryadel أسعار و مساحات كالي كوست الساحل الشمالي

أسعار و مساحات كالي كوست الساحل الشمالي أسعار و مساحات كالي كوست الساحل الشمالي هي احدى المزايا التي يحملها المشروع ، صرح متكامل تطلقه شركة امريكية في قلب الساحل الشمالي بخليج راس الحكمة ، أمتلك شاليهك على البحر في الكيلو 198 طريق اسكندرية مطروح واستمتع بالشواطئ الرملية والمساحات الخضراء والمناظر الطبيعية بأقل سعر سعر وبطرق سداد متعددة في Cali Coast north coast .
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2021.09.20 13:57 Sexhmm31 Sina Deinert

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2021.09.20 13:57 Pixels__21 Wha- why are you following ME ? I mean, there's a lot of other people on this sub but you choose me ? Well, thank ig qwq (I'm famous now ig)

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2021.09.20 13:57 kofan3678 Carmella pinning Sasha

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2021.09.20 13:57 Illustrious-Hawk-898 I am… Batcat!

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2021.09.20 13:57 BraisC So, I started collecting a couple days ago, I am a miniature addict and I like cars, so I dont know why I did it take me so long to get into this lol

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2021.09.20 13:57 Lowlifeee Best ISP in sector 19-D Chandigarh?

I want to know which is the best ISP in sector 19-D. I live alone, so the one which offers economical plans and also allows torrenting would be preferable.
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2021.09.20 13:57 Wetfeet727 Adjust your LED Headlights!!

Headlights are not just plug and play. Especially those cheap LED China made junk you’re bolting in. They need to be adjusted so everyone else on the road can see too. If you think you are cool blinding everyone with your four-door sorority girl jeep, you’re not. Fix your shit. Everyone thanks you.
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2021.09.20 13:57 SarcasmCupcakes More Steve

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2021.09.20 13:57 PurpleHaze147 I found racemic (d/l) phenylalanine to be somewhat helpful in treating withdrawal symptoms.

It's important that d/l-phenylalanine is used, not just the naturally occurring levorotatory enantiomer. This is because d-phenylalanine is a inhibitor of the enzyme that breaks down enkephalins.
Enkephalins are basically endorphins, but bind to both the mu and delta opioid receptors with a preference for the latter, while endorphins are more selective towards the mu. Enkephalin administered from outside the body by injection is considerably more potent than morphine, but it breaks down very quickly since it's an amino acid peptide making it unsuitable to be a medication (unfortunately most of our naturally occurring neurotransmitters and hormones suffer this fate, either that and/or don't cross the blood brain barrier).
L-phenylalanine is biosynthesized into norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, and trace amines. An excess of l-phenylalanine will block other amino acids that use the transporter creating an excess of these helpful neurotransmitters.
L-phenylalanine is also an alpha-2-delta calcium channel blocker like gabapentin and a mild NMDA antagonist.
It's not as perfect as it may sound but it does give mild relief (imagine getting a baby dose of morphine, ketamine, and amphetamine along with gabapentin ... Wouldn't that be nice ... This isn't it but close and looks like it could be on paper).
Unfortunately I haven't even tracked my dose I was so sick I just stuck my hand into the bag of pure powder and ate it (amino acids aren't really bitter, and d-phenylalanine is actually slightly sweet). It's not toxic so I was like fuck it a small handful I don't even wanna see how much that is. So all I know is the dosage was between 2-8 grams.
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2021.09.20 13:57 OrwellWasRight69 How much is a little girl worth?

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2021.09.20 13:57 soroushpiano How do you say you like Harry Potter without actually saying it #shorts

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2021.09.20 13:57 Uberdriver_janis Take it or leave it

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2021.09.20 13:57 webdev2586 I appreciate his over expectations

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2021.09.20 13:57 BigWhaleOfficial Enough of this SDC BS… LOAD UP ON TMC NOW!

I know everyone here is an ape but god damn!!! TMC has a float of 2.7 million!!! 2.7 FCIN MILLION with 3.2 million short with no shares left to cover!! BUY AND STFU!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEZE THESE MFERS!!! TMC BABY!!!
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2021.09.20 13:57 jellydude69 [Meta] please stop those "a random stranger probably" posts

It's just like the like bait comments on youtube that everyone hates, they are obnoxious and annoying.
Posts like " a random stranger probably thought you were cute" or " a random stranger jacked off to you" arent interensteing/funny they aren't shower thoughts. They are annoying.
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2021.09.20 13:57 Maleficent_Fly9187 Help regarding switching to 8mgSuboxone from 30mg for a year.

Hi folks, need some much needed advice please!
I’ve been on 30mg methadone for about 12 months, and I will be taking my last dose of the meth very early tomorrow morning. (Tuesday)
I will then stop until I’m in withdrawals and change to the suboxone 8mg on (Wednesday evening.)
So down to the point, my question is how will I likely feel changing to Suboxone from methadone in terms of functioning. I have a new job a week today and want to make sure I will be fine and won’t notice a huge difference and that I will be able to work without feeling unwell etc.
Anyone with any experience or knowledge please let me know as I am very anxious about the change and what to expect… tia.
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2021.09.20 13:57 adorothyable We love a ml with glasses, this man is too pretty [The Princess Pretends to be Crazy]

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2021.09.20 13:57 Antique_Adagio_7455 My ex’s friend followed me on Instagram, what does it mean?

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2021.09.20 13:57 NewsElfForEnterprise BRIEF-Tiedemann Group, Alvarium Investments To List On Nasdaq Via Deal With Cartesian Growth Corporation

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