Is there a way to stop getting stuck?

2021.09.20 13:42 Nobody-Particular Is there a way to stop getting stuck?

I played this game a long time ago when it first came out but stopped playing for some reason. I thought I would pick it up again to see how things have changed and I see all these cool new things and events? That’s so cool! So I start playing again and a while later, I get stuck on a bush. I try everything I can, even destroying the bush I was stuck on, but I was still there falling in midair. Eventually I find the respawn option in the menu and pop back into my spawn habitat. Ok bugs happen, and I guess I just won’t do any hardcore runs. So I continue, minus my favorite bush only for it to happen again a bit later, and again a while after that. At this point I was more scared of the bushes that are designed to help me than the ones designed to hurt me. Eventually I get the stuff to go to another planet. Once I land inside a mountain, I begin to dig out my shuttle to make a nice flat area to build my habitat and production stuff. Midway through, I get stuck again, on NOTHING! So, I mean I have to respawn, but I didn’t even get my habitat down, so when I respawned I was back on my first planet, no gear, no shuttle, and high blood pressure. Is there anything I can do to stop this? It’s killing the game for me! I think I’m remembering why I stopped playing all those years ago…
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2021.09.20 13:42 samulipehkonen The complete guide on how to overcome a writer's block

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2021.09.20 13:42 Ahyesclearly Cruz Praises Democratic Senators Manchin, Sinema For ‘Standing Up To The Crazies In Their Party’

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2021.09.20 13:42 FncFlamingo Interview with an e-sportsman

Hey guys.

My name is Marc.
I am currently in the last year of an apprenticeship as a design engineer. Therefore, we have to write an in-depth paper for the general education classes.
Since we had a free choice of topics, we decided on the topic of e-sports.
Part of the in-depth work is an interview with a professional e-sportsman.
In the last month i've tried to contact many different professionals without any success.
I thought reddit could maybe work it's magic and get me into contact with anyone in the pro scene.

Thank you all in advance.
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2021.09.20 13:42 ceesaart At Least 8 Killed in Russian University Shooting

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2021.09.20 13:42 twiceasfit Please review my Fitness YT channel!

Hi everyone,
A few months ago I started a Fitness YT channel called Twice as Fit with my twin sister and would love some feedback 🤗
It has been going pretty well…wondering what you guys think? Looking for ways to improve my next videos: what do you think of the music/intro/thumbnails/editing/workouts?
Please share your thoughts!!
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2021.09.20 13:42 redditstance Serene scenery in Dilijan, Armenia.

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2021.09.20 13:42 Paganduck Champagne, 550 pieces by KI Puzzles. Loose fitting but overall beautiful and fun to build.

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2021.09.20 13:42 maznurrahman scorpion-finance

This company is the best in the market and the best to associate with. Rating it a 5 star it worth it...
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2021.09.20 13:42 IfOnlyIHadAmeme Meh

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2021.09.20 13:42 Jacmac_ I had a question about materials available at public workshops, do they vary from session to session?

It seems like a blue print that worked on one session at the same workshop doesn't in another because it ran out of screws. There are a lot of materials available, but getting constrained on one item made me wonder if there is some sort of randomization to exactly how much of each item is available at a given workshop during each play session.
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2021.09.20 13:42 fine_shrine Smog from a fire ravaging Table Mountain, Cape Town (Minolta X-700 & Kodak UltraMax 400)

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2021.09.20 13:42 LightninHooker New skies. Trying to get bold with my strokes

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2021.09.20 13:42 Evening-Coach-39 La combo perfetta per una panatura impeccabile. Ti si vuole bene maestro!

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2021.09.20 13:42 vasatkaman Test_436138

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2021.09.20 13:42 micmaster Factory Spawn Rushing

Ok so, i'm still pretty new to the game.
I started learning Custom's like 1-2 weeks ago and would like to switch it up a bit and since some of the guides I watched said that factory can be good to learn more about gunfights I wanted to try that.
Thing is... I can't even get to play it, most of my rounds last less than 1 minute and I'm utterly confused by what I'm doing wrong. I'm very capable of staying alive for a pretty long time on customs but once I load into the factory it's like I'm on a completely different level, like I'm not even supposed to be there.
It's the same every single try, I load in, and before I can even get to do anything I can already hear someone full speed running at me. I know spawn combat is a thing but it's just insane, especially when I spawn in one of the exit Chambers like there is no way I could even get out of there, I managed to kill the first guy a few times but then while I'm still patching up there is the next one, and the next one... if I don't just get showered in grenades within 5 seconds of spawning that is.
Is there a secret thing I'm not understanding?
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2021.09.20 13:42 Marjrie Seascape with Solarbeamio

Get your shades out because today we're going farming over on #Solarbeamio!
Solarbeam is THE Moonriver AMM! You can now stake several $RIB pairs, as well as $RIB only to earn $SOLAR!
Get stuck into the sky-high #APY at!
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2021.09.20 13:42 imyourforte Where they at?

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2021.09.20 13:42 dejisky [TRADE] Molina Letter by JK Molina

Dm me, I've got almost all twitter courses
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2021.09.20 13:42 hollywoodvids what is the weirdest reason your ex broke up with u?

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2021.09.20 13:42 denii303 LPT:Fix a water damaged phone: -turn it off to exclude circuit damage; -don't put it in rice (it will clog the ports); -try to get the water out of all orifices using a vacuum or your mouth; -don't turn it on (for aprox. two weeks) let it rest on the counter so the water will dry itself out.

This is the way I managed to save my phone
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2021.09.20 13:42 DhawalTripathi Can somebody please share the downloaded Audiobooks of Harry Potter 1-4 through Google Drive?

I have already got 5-7, the ones that I only need are the above mentioned..
P.S - My gmail id -
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2021.09.20 13:42 pandora80X Sending gifts 🎁 for 3k bonus :) 6855 7439 5478

6855 7439 5478
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2021.09.20 13:42 Emptydata_Enzo Giant splooter

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2021.09.20 13:42 AdamCaveRoberts Anyone know of good discord channels to share/review Pokémon cards. Or get advice on ask/sell price?

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