Super Low GPU & CPU Utilization, Texture Pop-In in Every Game

2021.09.20 12:14 aver24 Super Low GPU & CPU Utilization, Texture Pop-In in Every Game

Super Low GPU & CPU Utilization, Texture Pop-In in Every Game I just got a brand new PC, yet I'm not getting anywhere near the performance I paid for. Every single game I play is plagued with severe texture pop-in and LOD/draw distance issues. It's driving me insane. Upon further inspection, I noticed my GPU and CPU utilization was really low. I have no idea why. I'm using the latest BIOS and all my drivers are up to date. This is driving me crazy, please help.

CPU: i7-11700k
GPU: RTX 3080 Ti
RAM: 32GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz (XMP Enabled)
PSU: CWT 750W 80+ GOLD
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2021.09.20 12:14 diggipiggi DeFi Bridging Protocol pNetwork Suffers $12 Million Hack

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2021.09.20 12:14 ExtremeMusicAddict Haven't work retainer in 6-7 months.

So. Got braces and a twin block appliance (beats the option or surgically breaking my jaw that they offered if I didn't want it). Both came off about Nov Dec last year. I wore my retainer somewhat religiously for a few months. Then I lost it and never got to getting a replacement.
The other day I found my retainer in its case behind my bookshelf. So I thought I'd see if it still fits. It did. Somewhat. It goes smoothly until the last few millimetres. I can close the gap, but it becomes a bit tight. Not painful, just tight.
Once I take them off though for the day, it kinda hurts to chew. I thought, fair enough. No pain no gain. Started using the back of my teeth (Which fit perfectly in the retainer and thus don't hurt) to chew. But I've been thinking, I've got only one lot of teeth for the rest of my life. I should probably ask.
If it still mostly fits except there's a gap at the bottom, is it okay to "ease it in" over time and wear it full time for a few months? Or do I need to go back to the orthodontist if I want the teeth to move back to place.
I've got a slight brace thing behind my two big teeth. The teeth that feel the discomfort are only the ones to the right and left.
Happy to upload a picture if need be.
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2021.09.20 12:14 Tessia0710 Where to read Badge in Azure - Chapter 207 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:14 HIS_FATTY_PUBIS J. Hannah “Ghost Ranch”

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2021.09.20 12:14 genericblondeboi Something's off here:

Something's off here:
I have ruined Mother 3 forever
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2021.09.20 12:14 Affectionate_healthy how to increase subscriber count?

Hi, is there any way to increase subscriber count at a fast pace? Like in facebook we can run campaign to increase number of followers, is there anything for youtube also?
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2021.09.20 12:14 PianoDaddy Rimjhim Gire Sawan Piano Notes Lata Mangeshkar

Rimjhim Gire Sawan Piano Notes Lata Mangeshkar Available On Piano Mint.
LataMangeshkar #Learn #Music #Notes #Notations #Sheet #Education #Piano #keyboard #MusicEducation #Play #Songs #Lyrics
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2021.09.20 12:14 joubithedj Unlimited Data Plan

👋🏼 Hi all,
Just arrived in Cebu from abroad. My homestay apparently has broken wifi I am still in quarantine trying to find and be prepared for moving out of the hotel. What simcard can I use that has 5G or really fast and unlimited data so my laptop can tether to my phone?
Location: Minglanilla with Iphone
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2021.09.20 12:14 reischmeckt Glacier

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2021.09.20 12:13 Ikcatcher I will not emotionally recover from this

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2021.09.20 12:13 myskillcapisT1 Best fleet NA

Opinion based. I probably skipped a few but yeah. These are sometimes not best in dmg or trophies but sometimes old fleets with well-known veteran players in them. Share your favs

  1. Argon
  2. FND(Im including F2 and F4 in this.)
  3. AR_IM
  4. L4TAM
  5. _RVG_ Not so great now but back in the days..dang they were good. :)
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2021.09.20 12:13 Leucanthemum17 Does one ever stop secretly longing to please your narc mother?

I know I have to stop from longing for a conversation where she would say she's proud of me or tell me I did good. Or at least just listen for a bit to what I want to talk about.
I know she will always say she did the same, she did better, or highjack the conversation to what she wants to talk about.
I went almost no contact five years ago, after trying to confront her about the abuse which she denies or just says I deserved.
I thought maybe she would be interested in her grandkids life. She loves them but she doesn't care to talk about them. Knows nothing about their lives.
So, I know she will never change, but will I ever really heal and stop expecting to have the mom I never had?
Could anyone recommend books or exercises on the subject?
Thank you and much light in your own healing paths.
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2021.09.20 12:13 quelloarabo2 L'idea è stata fatta centinaia di volte, ma quando ho letto queste tavole di FMA non ho potuto non farlo

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2021.09.20 12:13 Lovecrystal111 Wholesale Crystals at

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2021.09.20 12:13 Tessia0710 Where to read Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon - Chapter 307 - Han Zhan is Drunk, What Is His Bank password? online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:13 Grouchy_Being_3396 Can't get anymore back

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2021.09.20 12:13 markoid I need a little break

Been a daily smoker for a few years now, it feels like my brain isn't working to its full capacity. Similar story with booze, but I've been moderating it with success the last month. I'm going to abstain from weed for a few days to let my mind chill and to get a better high this weekend! This sub has been motivational, feels like adequate use is the way to go with whatever you do.
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2021.09.20 12:13 fozrok 7 Books that Changed My Life...

I want to share the 7 books that have changed my life the most with a brief explanation why...
1 - The UnTethered Soul - Michael A Singer I recently posted about this book, but to summarise again, this book helps you find inner peace by raising your consciousness and understanding how to objectively be aware of your thoughts and feelings, instead of being at the mercy of them.
2 - Never Split The Difference - Chris Voss This book at first look seems like a Negotiation book, but it gives you so many practical approaches to improving your communication with people when it matters the most. By using some of the suggested approaches in this book, I have saved many thousands of dollars in my business as well as resolved otherwise tense situations easier.
3 - Atomic Habits - James Clear I first read 'The Power of Habits' by Charles Duhigg which was great, but Atomic Habits (AH) seemed to be an easier and more applicable read. AH taught me how to understand what causes habits, and how to modify the 4 laws of habits to either stop bad habits or start good habits. Mastering your own habits is hard work, but this book gives you an advantage over them.
4 - Deep Work - Cal Newport Intuitively I knew that my own command of productivity would make or break the goals I have in life and Deep Work gave me the insight and steps to harness my focus, concentration and output. As a result of doing Deep Work, I developed a new startup, reinforcing the big promise of the Deep Work which states "You will do your best, & highest value work when you do Deep Work."
5 - Thinking Fast & Slow - Daniel Kahnmann Our ability to make decisions will determine the destiny of our lives, and this book, Thinking Fast & Slow is a well-researched and powerfully insightful book on trying to understand and navigate our own cognitive bias that can cause us to make incorrect decisions and judgements.
6 - The One Thing - Gary Keller The One Thing layers nicely with Deep Work by Cal Newport, as it helps you to understand how to work smarter by working on the highest priorities first, and why this helps with productivity. By embodying this philosophy, it improves your ability to see the critical path in both small and large projects.
7 - Made To Stick - Dan & Chip Heath For the last decade my business has been about educating people, so my intention is that what I teach sticks in their minds for longer than the initial motivation and excitement. This book, helped give me a framework that enabled me to deliver transformational and inspirational knowledge in a way that I knew would be easily remembered and therefore increase the chances of it have a positive impact on my students lives. By embracing these concepts, I've had the pleasure of teaching 10,000's of people and even gone on to train other trainers & experts in how to deliver memorable & entertaining knowledge.

5 Other Honourable Mentions:

  1. Purple Cow - Seth Godin - Taught me that Packaging is just as important as the Product
  2. Indistractable - Nir Eyal - Compliments Deep Work really well, as well as Atomic Habits for being more focused.
  3. Pitch Anything - Oren Klaff - A must read for anyone in Sales or Pitching ideas to people.
  4. Authentic Happiness - Martin Seligman - Understanding Positive Pyschology and how to become more Optimistic in life.
  5. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - John Gottman - Don't try to have a successful marriage/relationship without knowing the science of what makes it work successfully.
I might have left some off the list, but these are at the forefront of my mind right now.
Let me know what you think of the list and tell me about your own list of Life-changing books.
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2021.09.20 12:13 Fickle_External_345 LOFI- GIRL

We all know about the lo-fi girl or as she's nicknamed The study girl. But what if she is more than just studying? Maybe there's more than meets the eye
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2021.09.20 12:13 Fairytale7 Üniversite diplomamı hala almadım. Almak için herhangi işlem gerekli midir?

Mezun olalı 2 sene oldu ancak hala diplomamı almadım. Direkt gitsem alabilir miyim?
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2021.09.20 12:13 trailer8k Early access to wolverine, different texture pack

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2021.09.20 12:13 Vikingcz1 H: Overreater, and vanguard Ap power armor sets. W: Bolstering set, or excavator jet pack torso.

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2021.09.20 12:13 Tessia0710 Where to read World Defying Dan God - Chapter 3617 online for free!!

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2021.09.20 12:13 hankaprim Медуза ропилема "Rhopilema rhopalophora" Уссурийский залив

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