Econometrics assignment in RStudio

2021.09.20 14:06 Mikeologos Econometrics assignment in RStudio

Looking for assistance with a short RStudio assignment. Too busy at work but don't want to forfeit the 20%. Please only reach out if familiar with RStudio.
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2021.09.20 14:06 AdRepresentative7600 Al Rawabi Dairies Company Market Challenges

Introduction Al Rawabi Dairies was established in Al Khawaneej in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in 1989. Since its establishment, the firm has experienced impressive growth in the market because of its effective management and marketing strategies. This dairy farm started production with only 500 Friesian and Holstein cows in 1989. Currently, the firm has over 10,000 cows of different breeds, and the prospects of growth are still high (International Business Publications, 2013). Locally, the firm sells its products in all parts of the country. It has also expanded its operations to other GCC countries such as Oman and Qatar. The firm sells its dairy products in 14 different flavors in the local and regional markets. Its products are packed in different sizes and in different containers to meet the needs of its customers in the best way possible. For the time that this firm has been in the market, it has been able to master the needs of the local clients. It has come up with products that meet these local needs in a special way. It has also developed marketing strategies that reflect the local environmental forces. It is important to note that the market has a number of challenges that this firm has been struggling to manage. One such challenge is the stiff market competition in the local and regional markets. The high temperatures in the region make the dairy industry one of the most lucrative ones in the region. As such, it has attracted numerous firms that compete for the same market. In order to understand how this firm has been dealing with these market forces, it is necessary to conduct a SWOT and TOWS analysis. SWOT Analysis Strength Al Rawabi Dairies has a number of factors which act as its strength in this highly competitive market. This firm has been in operation in the local market for over the last 25 years. It means that it has a vast experience in this market hence has a better knowledge of how to deal with the local market forces. The products that this firm offers are healthy and recommended by medical experts. This has increased their popularity in the market. This company also has a team of highly dedicated employees who share the vision of the firm. Their commitment to the firm has helped in promoting creativity and innovation at Al Rawabi Diaries (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). The marketing unit of this firm has created a unique customer relations unit that deals with all the concerns of this firm. This unit has maintained close communication with the customers to help the firm understand the changing market tastes, customer concerns, or any other relevant issues that affect their normal operations. The efficiency in the operations of the firm is also unique. The management has installed state-of-the-art technologies to help in milking, chilling, homogenizing, and pasteurizing the milk in a way that ensures that the protein and all other nutrients are retained in the final product. The firm has also come up with innovative ways of packing its products in different amounts and in different containers suitable for the different target audiences. Its regular corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities have helped it to promote awareness of its brand in the market. Currently, it is one of the most popular brands in the market (Vuong, 2013). Weaknesses Al Rawabi Dairies is faced with a number of weaknesses that have slowed its growth in the market. One of the biggest weaknesses of this firm is high employee turnover rates. Reports indicate that this firm has a problem when it comes to retaining its employees. Some of the former employees of this firm have complained of being overworked at this firm. As Hanieh (2011) says, every time, a firm loses an experienced and skilled employee, its competitiveness in the market gets considerably compromised. The level of employee satisfaction at this firm is also relatively low compared to other top employers in this country. These are managerial issues that need to be addressed to help this firm continue on its path towards a successful future. Opportunities The market has massive opportunities that this firm can take advantage of as it tries to increase its market share. The city of Dubai is growing in population at a very high rate because of its strategic position as a global business hub and tourist attraction center. The city’s growth in population means that the potential market size is on the rise. In Qatar, one of its current regional markets, the plans for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is underway, and the city of Doha has seen an upsurge in its population (Doyle, 2008). The increasing regional population offers this firm a perfect opportunity to expand its market share. The size of the middle class is also increasing, which means that the purchasing power of its clients is going up. The United Arab Emirates has invested heavily in transport infrastructure, especially in Dubai. The improved transport infrastructure means that the products of Al Rawabi Dairies can now reach the market in time. The high regional temperatures in GCC countries also promote regular intake of drinks such as dairy products. Threats It is important to appreciate that the market has a number of forces that can be considered threats to the firm’s survival. The greatest threat that this firm has to deal with is competition. The dairy industry is one of the most competitive industries in the United Arab Emirates. There are numerous other firms offering the same products to the same target market. Some of the top competitors include Al Ain Dairy Farm, Al Maria EST Gulf, Arla National Food Products LLC, and Friesland Middle East (Doole & Lowe, 2008). Issues about global or regional economic recession may also affect this firm negatively. The growing terrorism and political instability in the neighboring countries threaten the sustainability of the business environment. TOWS Analysis Having looked at the factors affecting this firm using SWOT analysis, it is necessary to use TOWS model to see how this firm can use its strengths to take advantage of the market opportunities and address weaknesses and market threats. Table 1: TOWS Analysis. Conclusion In this case study, it has been revealed that Al Rawabi Diaries is one of the top dairy companies in the United Arab Emirates. The firm has been in existence since 1989 and has experienced impressive growth. The firm faces a number of market challenges that may jeopardize its expansion programs outside the United Arab Emirates. The TOWS model proposes how this firm can use its strengths to take advantage of the market opportunities, overcome its own weaknesses, and manage market threats. References Doole, I., & Lowe, R. (2008). International marketing strategy: Analysis, development and implementation. London, England: Cengage Learning. Doyle, P. (2008). Value-based marketing: Marketing strategies for corporate growth and shareholder value. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons. Ferrell, O. C., & Hartline, M. D. (2014). Marketing strategy: Text and cases. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Hanieh, A. (2011). Capitalism and class in the Gulf Arab states. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. International Business Publications, Inc. (2013). UAE largest importers directory – strategic information and contacts. Hoboken, NJ: Intl Business Pubns USA. Vuong, D. C. (2013). Ultimate gastric sleeve success: A practical patient guide to help maximize your weight loss results. New York, NY: Cengage.
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2021.09.20 14:06 Thai628 It. All. Ends. With. GameStop 💥🙋‍♂️

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2021.09.20 14:06 littlebous1 Heres some sort of Cipher from an ARG I'm taking part in. Does anyone know what kind it is?

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2021.09.20 14:06 Techster17 X-Men Monday #125 – Jonathan Hickman Reflects on the ‘X-Men Experiment’ and Teases the ‘Amazing’ Stories to Come
It wouldn't let me post the link normally
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2021.09.20 14:06 KiraIsGod666 "if Hannibal had his druthers, you'd be wrapped around a bullet."

Can someone please tell me what this means lol I've never been able to work it out and Google is no help lol at least that helped with the "button stitching" comment lol but this one vexes me every viewing lol
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2021.09.20 14:06 lord_kill_01 Lamp of Murmuur - The Burning Spears Of Crimson Agony

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2021.09.20 14:06 irie24_7 Oooold PS4 items missing.

I sold my PS4 in 2018 and switched to PC. Started fresh and realised my items were gone, even paid items like the Nissan GT. Didn’t bother me at the time but now it does.
I’ve linked all platforms. Steam, Epic and PSN but the items are still gone.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼
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2021.09.20 14:06 atlantismartupholder mipltd glossary: pharses to be aware of

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2021.09.20 14:06 iaxeuanswerme Russia shooting: Gunman kills several at Perm University

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2021.09.20 14:06 BirdsAndBears151 Azelf. First 10. 3652 8362 8666

Youtube436 hosting. Will post invite stats after the raid
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2021.09.20 14:06 Soetheby About to get Sonos Arc. But never had a sound bar before.

I'm replacing my 2.1 Soundstick 4 connecting to my 65" Bravia X90H. I'm quite pleased with what I have but a friend introduce me to Sonos Arc and it should be lovely with Netflix.
I mostly watch Netflix/YouTube and gaming on the console. I think Sonos Arc should be a great option. But I never had a sound bar before and some that I listened to is lacking power.
I planned to get Sonos Arc alone. It's $1,500 in Thailand. The sub will cost around $1,000. So it's quite an investment for me.
How much of the experience will be improved from the Soundstick 4 that I got?
Thank you.
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2021.09.20 14:06 takemetobedplease Feeling proud of my 3 month progression.

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2021.09.20 14:06 jojolimdo any martial arts that is good in russia?

not really sportsman. just a 20's student from ROK learned boxing for 3 months and that's it. any suggestions? I'm in southern parts of moscow and don't speak.russian well:(
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2021.09.20 14:06 Ellie-Elaine Sugar daddy wanted! 24f who is a huge nerd! Kik: cashqueencutie snap: elliebabyelaine

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2021.09.20 14:06 K0M0D01991 Murial Bagge Barefoot tease

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2021.09.20 14:06 callingmeee Watching sfm horror stories, feeling nostalgia (wink wink)

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2021.09.20 14:06 milesdoodles This is how r/Beatles acts every time you make a joke on a post there

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2021.09.20 14:06 Jax_Pretox_3000 New York in 1997 part 2

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2021.09.20 14:06 cryoskyd Command line wizardry, part two: Variables and loops in Bash

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2021.09.20 14:06 PoliticiansAlwaysLie Three people kicked off plane for not wearing masks — after nine-hour wait for boarding

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2021.09.20 14:06 FairlySadPanda Fork of RPT for Chrome w/ a CRX file for ease-of-install
As the release states, I'm not a web developer (my JS experience is in Typescript in the back-end) so don't expect a giant overhaul. I just want this working for me. :)
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2021.09.20 14:06 asmajda AT&T Sued After SIM Swap Attack Results in $560K Crypto Loss for Customer

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2021.09.20 14:06 Responsible_Check317 Senior in transaction advisory - haven't finished CPA yet and feel like a phony

I'm a senior at B4 transaction advisory, and I was able to swing the gig with about 1.5 years of experience and only 2 exams completed. My managers have been happy with my work since I had strong understanding from FAR but everyone assumes that I already have my CPA. During my performance review, they didn't even ask if I had my CPA yet because they assumed that I had it just to get the job
I never mentioned that I haven't passed yet, and so every time I take time off or spend time studying, I always just lie and say I'm doing something else. I feel like a total phony
I'm on track to finish, and I want to come clean, but literally EVERYONE has their CPA already (even 1st year associates)
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2021.09.20 14:06 DeNendd Which 2 stigmatas are better for AE from the margrave set? I could buy 2 from the BP shop but not all three (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)

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