possessed wip. 2 more to go!

2021.09.20 13:17 Blackburn0011 possessed wip. 2 more to go!

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2021.09.20 13:17 AtillaWaaagh Travel Confusion

Hello folks. I'll be flying to Glasgow at 23th september. (Turkey will be moving from red list to amber status at 4am 22th september, a day before). Now the confusion among people like me is this, since I technically were in a country that was on the red list before my 10 days of travel at that time , which rules do apply to me? hotel quarantine or house quarantine?
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2021.09.20 13:17 K1NG_GR1ML0CK Is it possible for guys to get thigh highs that actually go up your thigh

I would like some thigh highs but I have to order plus size because I don't have feminine legs and no plus size thigh high goes up to like the mid thigh and any that do are stupid expensive, do you all have any options that would be better for me? FYI I don't have like big legs I just don't have the legs of an average woman I'm on the skinny side of average for a man
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2021.09.20 13:17 MrMoose7 Not all hotwheels but this is a shelf of cars in my room :)

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2021.09.20 13:17 indian_reveller computer analogy, theory

Hear me out
Thinking about it, Tatsuya is running a purely functional language (say Q) on a 80's desktop computer while the others are running high level languages on modern supercomputers.
what do you guys and gals think?

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Evolver Announces Appointment of Daniel Jetton as Vice President of Cybersecurity

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2021.09.20 13:17 CyberpunkGrappling I often go back and watch this match : Riki Choshu vs Akira Maeda - November 3rd 1983

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2021.09.20 13:17 Albs12 I will not be told how to live my life

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Navigating the technology landscape through the eyes of a CIO

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2021.09.20 13:17 Snoo37084 Second partial derivative of ANN with respect to model input returns NoneType

This post is a follow up on this one: https://www.reddit.com/tensorflow/comments/pk5dqj/custom_loss_function_error_attributeerro
Basically I need to compute 3 derivatives of the ANN I'm training with respect to (wrt) some input variables. I need those derivatives for a custom loss function.
I finally managed to calculate the first order partial derivatives. The problem is in the second order derivative. It returns NoneType and I don’t know why. I’ve already tried different examples to no avail. For example tried the Jacobian (https://www.tensorflow.org/api_docs/python/tf/GradientTape#jacobian).

import pandas as pd from tensorflow import keras import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow.keras import layers, losses import numpy as np # Hyperparameters n_hidden_layers = 2 # Number of hidden layers. n_units = 128 # Number of neurons of the hidden layers. n_batch = 64 # Number of observations used per gradient update. n_epochs = 30 # Sample data x_train = {'strike': [200, 2925], 'Time to Maturity': [0.312329, 0.0356164], "RF Rate": [0.08, 2.97], "Sigma 20 Days Annualized": [0.123251, 0.0837898], "Underlying Price": [1494.82, 2840.69] } call_X_train = pd.DataFrame(x_train, columns = ['strike', "Time to Maturity", "RF Rate", "Sigma 20 Days Annualized", "Underlying Price"] ) x_test = {'strike': [200], 'Time to Maturity': [0.0356164], "RF Rate": [2.97], "Sigma 20 Days Annualized": [0.0837898], "Underlying Price": [2840.69] } call_X_test = pd.DataFrame(x_test, columns = ['strike', "Time to Maturity", "RF Rate", "Sigma 20 Days Annualized", "Underlying Price"] ) y_train = np.array([1285.25, 0.8]) call_y_train = pd.Series(y_train) y_test = np.array([0.8]) call_y_test = pd.Series(y_test) # Creates hidden layers def hl(tensor, n_units): hl_output = layers.Dense(n_units, activation = layers.LeakyReLU(alpha = 1))(tensor) # alpha = 1 makes the function LeakyReLU C^inf return hl_output # Create model using Keras' Functional API def mlp3_call(n_hidden_layers, n_units): # Create input layer inputs = keras.Input(shape = (call_X_train.shape[1],)) x = layers.LeakyReLU(alpha = 1)(inputs) # Create hidden layers for _ in range(n_hidden_layers): x = hl(x, n_units) # Create output layer outputs = layers.Dense(1, activation = keras.activations.softplus)(x) # Actually create the model model = keras.Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs) return model # Custom loss function def constrained_mse(y_true, y_pred): mse = losses.mse(y_true, y_pred) x = tf.convert_to_tensor(call_X_train, np.float32) with tf.GradientTape() as tape: tape.watch(x) with tf.GradientTape(persistent=True) as tape2: tape2.watch(x) y = model(x) grad_y = tape2.gradient(y, x) dy_dstrike = grad_y[0, 0] dy_dttm = grad_y[0, 1] d2y_dstrike2 = tape.gradient(dy_dstrike, x[:,0]) loss = mse + dy_dstrike + dy_dttm + d2y_dstrike2 return loss model = mlp3_call(n_hidden_layers, n_units) model.compile(loss = constrained_mse, optimizer = keras.optimizers.Adam(),) history = model.fit(call_X_train, call_y_train, batch_size = n_batch, epochs = n_epochs, validation_split = 0.01, verbose = 1) 
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2021.09.20 13:17 Top-Report-3436 Kawai Shiba🔥 Launching Now💥, BUSD reward token, Lottery jackpot every day 🎰, Own Dex (yield farming) | BSC Gem💎

Kawai Shiba is a generator of BUSD token. When you generated a lot of BUSD with Holding, you could stake them, so you will generate twice the amount!
All you have to do is to buy and hold Kawai Shiba tokens and you'll get BUSD tokens with every transaction!
The token will be launched with low liquidity - just like Baby Cake, and has a lot of place to grow (I heard easy 100x? NFA Tho).
💰 Supply - 1,000,000,000
🧇 3% wallet - Marketing wallet, for future marketing.
Every transaction there will be fees as follows:
🧇 10% - Total fees.
🧇 7% - BUSD reward pool
🧇 1% - Liquidity fee
🧇 2% - Marketing + buyback functions
Contract: 0x44d07f643a3e807d26cae7cb37608b7d5e8d33bb
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x44d07f643a3e807d26cae7cb37608b7d5e8d33bb
100% LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xBe1D49F637Eb181345b703E76AE59614Bd4781c1
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x44d07f643a3e807d26cae7cb37608b7d5e8d33bb#readContract
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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Is Elys Game Technology Corp (ELYS) The Right Choice in Gambling?

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2021.09.20 13:17 jayjaybix HELP! 2nd Hand RX 470 does not work with new build!

Hello! I bought an RX 470 off of the second hand market!
I got it as a gift and found that it worked on my Asus X570 F with 5800X system.
However, the recipient of the card's system could not get it to work on theirs, on an MSI B560M Pro VDH Wifi with 10400F :(
The system turns on, lights and fans working, including that of the GPU, but there is no display on either the HDMI or VGA slot.
Every other component is new.
Any suggestions?

  1. Removing CMOS for a few minutes and placing it back in
  2. Reseating / switching RAM
  3. Different monitors
  4. DIsplay cable into mobo (although I assume this doesn't work because the CPU is an F model??)
Thank you!!
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2021.09.20 13:17 Reasonable-Ad-8059 Why is it said that qubits can "test all possible solutions at once", when they only output a single answer that is also completely random?

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2021.09.20 13:17 aqnayab123 Network+ Certification training

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Bella Vista’s Sheldon keeps busy after career in medical technology

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2021.09.20 13:17 gem_miner What I want what I get cringe

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2021.09.20 13:17 Real-Ad-9997 IWFTR

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn New licensing conditions for cyber-security service providers to kick in by early 2022, Tech News News & Top Stories

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2021.09.20 13:17 Nebzar Eli5: What happens when a huge solar power plant loses its connection to the grid?

Where does the power go? Can you turn off a photovoltaic panel?
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2021.09.20 13:17 KanonJellyfish Filipinos who studied abroad

please help me! im a grade 11 shs student trying to get into colleges abroad for undergrad or bachelors degree to singapore or new zealand to widen my experiences and opportunities. also i need to help my family financially and i decided that getting my degree abroad then applying for a job there is the best path to take. can you please advice me how to take the SAT here or any advice like getting an agency? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn India among fastest growing markets for Rackspace Technology

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Daniel Jetton Named Evolver Cybersecurity VP

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2021.09.20 13:17 yukanite Sun-kissed lo-fi for hazy city nights

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2021.09.20 13:17 Obewyn Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages

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