Emmys: Hollywood Celebrities Go Maskless Around Face-Covered Staff

2021.09.20 13:46 Ahyesclearly Emmys: Hollywood Celebrities Go Maskless Around Face-Covered Staff

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2021.09.20 13:46 eaglenebulla Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Auckland moves to level 3 for two weeks, rest of NZ in level 2 - with changes - NZ Herald

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2021.09.20 13:46 gbeatttty 26/M having problems with LDR 28/F

Let me start off by saying it has come to this lol. I don’t know where else to turn. So I met this chick on Facebook dating and things were amazing the first month. She is 28, 2 kids (15 mo and 8 yr) and has a stable job with decent income. I, myself (26), have no kids but have a good career. She is long distance (3 hrs away). We also have complete opposite work schedules, I work weekends and she works through the week. We actually almost disagree on everything (politics, social standards etc) but got along perfectly.
Into the 2nd month of talking (Aug), we agreed to meet up in a city that was halfway between us and get a hotel room. We spent 3 days, non-stop together, and things could have not gone more perfectly. Recently, her mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and I have done my best to be there for her. So between her kids and the stuff going on with her mom, she is extremely busy. I have brought up multiple times about hanging out and she always says “We will get it figured out.” I know that I am not her top priority and that’s okay. She has done amazing at giving me attention and love despite everything she is going through.
Fast forward to last week, and we haven’t spoken since then. She told me I could go down and see her last week so I texted her to go ahead and book the hotel room since she gets points with Hampton Inn. She completely ignored the text and then the next day she was so standoffish. It was like I didn’t even know who she was and felt so far away from her in terms of connection between us. She was saying things like “I have too much going on to see you” and “I thought about things and I just can’t see you.” Since she works from home, she can work from the hotel she says. Naturally, I was looking for a lot of reassurance since she was acting the way that she did. She always told me if I ever need reassurance, I can come to her for it. I kept getting mixed answers about what she wanted to do as far as us saying “I don’t know” and “I think we can make things work.” Well, I guess I asked too many times and she blew up on me. Saying things like “I need a adult, mature relationship and this isn’t that,” “you cause me more stress than good and you are not my peace,” “you’ve let your insecurities ruin this, I can’ do this,” “we are on two different maturity levels and I can’t provide you the reassurance you need.” It’s like I am more confused than anything. She always said I twist her words but the way she says things is completely ass-backwards. I have never felt anger from someone before that day. The way she talked to me was so degrading and demeaning that I was shell shocked. I told her I understand she has a lot going on but she didn’t see it that way. She always says that I bring up things to make her feel bad about not being able to hang out but I never meant it that way. She texted me later on that day saying “I’m sorry for the way I talked to you. You have been nothing but kind to me and I took it out on you. I love you.”
I just don’t know what to do. Some of the things she said to me were so hurtful. I have been there for her every time she needed to talk about her mom, stuff going on with her kids, whatever she was going through, she knew I was a call/Facetime away. I would never attack her needing reassurance like the way she did me. Even though we have only seen each other for 3 days, we constantly said I love you, I told her she looks beautiful every single day, and our conversations were very sensual and deep. It’s just crazy how we can go from being madly in love with each other one week to her screaming and breaking up with me the following week.
What do you guys think? Thanks for reading
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2021.09.20 13:46 Lemonchild18 Can I busk with my student F1 visa in NYC?

Hey guys, I'm currently studying in NYC and was wondering if busking as an F1 visa holder will be a problem. I see a lot of laws about where you can and can't busk and where amplifiers are allowed but i don't see much about if foreigners with F1 visa's are allowed to busk.
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2021.09.20 13:46 Original-Run2193 It's Snowing in South Carolina

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2021.09.20 13:46 PsychAdvisor Irrational Beliefs in Gambling

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2021.09.20 13:46 Nomad7612 Philly Bird Gang Watch Party!

Next Sunday at Cavanaugh’s Headhouse! I'm working on securing one of their upstairs bars for us.
Comment below if you're interested!
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2021.09.20 13:46 Consistent_Mode_7425 Looking for a sleeping bag. Rated for polar so could hit -30. Money no object. Also a mat. Let hear it.

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2021.09.20 13:46 AbaloneSea7265 Rich>rich>middle class >poor

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2021.09.20 13:46 GurPsychological7676 Něco se děje

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2021.09.20 13:46 d4ddycool Sorry, me again...My Space Elevator Citadel - Fully Automated Elevator Parts production for Golden Cup

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2021.09.20 13:46 Flywithchris CFS and stomach issues (Gastritis and ulcer)

Hey all, hope you are doing well!
Male, 21.
I got sick with EBV back in 2017, had bouts of fatigue for months.
Few months ago digestive issues such as nausea, burping, gas, muscle aches and terrible fatigue, restlessness when i wake up. I also have some back pain.
Went to gastro, did endoscopy and boom gastritis and stomach ulcer (no h pylori).
Now i have changed up my diet, doing PPI's, but the terrible fatigue and muscle aches are still here. Could anyone share their experience or recommend what to do? (Blood tests are normal, no anemia, B12 level is healthy). Is this CFS?
Thank you so so much!
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2021.09.20 13:46 rafaeladi One of the best dutch food they said #Joke

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2021.09.20 13:46 asmajda Dormant Bitcoin wallet turns $29 million after 8.8 years | Cryptopolitan

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2021.09.20 13:46 StarsAtLadakh [BharadwajSpeaks]During Partition, Muslim League mobs encircled Golden temple of Sikhs in Amritsar with slogans of "leke rahenge Pakistan","let us do what Abdali did"(Abdali had razed Harmndir Sahib).They were about to destroy the temple.It was RSS Swayamsevaks of Amritsar who fought pitched battle

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2021.09.20 13:46 TDSF456 I saw my ex today while running.

¡Hello! I’m looking for advice because I think it could be a problem.
Today while I was running I saw my ex in the park where I’m used to go running. It was kinda unexpected but I get it because she’s my neighbor again since the start of the pandemic.
When I saw her, I started to feel... Tired? I don’t know, like a lot of fatigue. And I couldn’t complete the 5km I’m used to run.
I’m over her, but she was my first love and seeing her puts me nervous.
Sounds stupid but I feel very tired, really, maybe it’s something else because I’ve never feel this way even when I train intensely.
You got some advice? I know this isn’t a normal situation, but somebody has been in a similar situation?
Thanks beforehand! And sorry for the bad English, it’s my second language.
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2021.09.20 13:46 Zaphay What about the edge, flat earthers?

Like on title, flat-earthers what about going to the edge of the world with a a ship? Make a cute tiktok about it and prove your point for once.
Why don't they do this?
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2021.09.20 13:46 LouisPBoon Glad I eventually convinced my wife to stay away from ESG

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2021.09.20 13:46 regian24 Thanks, I hate hotdog man eating a hotdog.

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2021.09.20 13:46 deathbotly [Icon making] Livejournal's icon subculture: 100x100 pixels or else!

Note: This was originally on scuffles. I added MORE JUICY DRAMA SCREENCAPS so if you read it before, you can search for “NEW:” and check out the new drama such as ‘Harriet Tubman animated icon defending Harry Potter shipping’ and ‘an icon commissioner doesn’t fulfill an order for five months, with public mudslinging from both sides.’
Take a journey back in time with me. Back to the days of dial-up and ADSL, before Tumblrs and Tweets and Tik-Toks, when most of fandom was congregated in one location and your precious online self-representation came in the form of 3 little images, sized 100x100 if you knew what was good for you. No one here would ever be some sort of … 98x97 pixel peasant. You wouldn’t do that, would you? Have an unaesthetic, imperfectly balanced icon? Of course not! Everyone would judge you if you had 3 uneven pixels!
That’s right, I’m here to talk about LIVEJOURNAL ICON DRAMA. Unfrost your 90s tips, take off that black lace choker and join me in the early 2000 internet culture. And yes, I found some old drama with images for you youngins to experience.
(Side-note: I’m not censoring out names here because all accounts are dead, and most of them died 15-20 years ago.
… Oh god I’m so old.)
A brief overview of some icon trends over the years: https://i.imgur.com/ULKVuSy.png
Around 2004, many icons included tiny, intentionally unreadable text. This was the fashion of the day. Borders came and went out of fashion. For a while, only a pariah would go without a delicate one pixel border around your icon. Then, the fanciest of borders. Finally, borders became gauche, and you would let your icon hang borderless. Depending on the community, you might be the height of fashion or rocking white after Labour Day with your use of borders. Hypersaturation was the key to the early look. Take that anime and crank up those values!
Note: these are just SOME of the trends. There was a time 45x45 pixels was the ‘in’ thing. Animated blingee text. Everyone had an opinion, a style, a look.
“But did anyone care about this, seriously? There wasn’t actual drama about this sort of thing--” Oh they cared. A lot. There were flame wars and anonymous hate posts. There were elite icon maker communities you had to apply to enter. There were communities for hating on the elite communities. And that’s before we bring in the commissions!
For your entree, a rant about the use of tiny fonts in icons: https://imgur.com/by1T2KV and a sarcastic gif icon about one of the popular hypersaturation techniques: https://imgur.com/t5AUulB Both served from the early 2010s barrel.
A multi-page rant about how a Harry Potter ship icon is misleading, that skims the fact the icon itself is using Harriet Tubman as a background image (a preview: What bugs me about such avatars is that they give the impression that certain people missed that little bitty break-up scene at the end of HBP. So, if there is anyone out there who missed it, please allow me to refresh your memory. Harry and Ginny - THEY BROKKED UP!) https://imgur.com/VHOGzwJ and the icon in full animated glory: https://imgur.com/upcWQ8z
https://imgur.com/a/KYKaWOv The application process for one of the elite icon-making communities.
https://imgur.com/a/4MW59dC An icon rant community moderator locks their community. There is… capslock.
Are you ready for the main course, sima’am?
Roleplay (RP). If you know tabletop, you’ve got the general idea, a group goes on a collaborative story-telling adventure while pretending to be different characters. But Livejournal had its very own roleplay ecosystem that was quite different from your humble DnD with four pals and a GM, with some groups totaling literally hundreds of players all playing in the same setting. And on livejournal, often you wouldn't be making up your own character for these games. Original characters (OCs) were banned in many places. Instead, you’d be trying to write as a canon character. So you’d roleplay as Naruto, writing with someone roleplaying as Harry Potter.
In these roleplay communities, your character’s appearance and expressions were best represented through icons. While a free account had 3, and an ad-enabled account had 15, a paid account would have 100 icon slots that could all be devoted to David Tennant’s face.
And some communities did NOT like anime/cartoon icon characters interacting with live action characters. Why, it was immersion breaking to see Naruto’s animated mug as he yelled ganbatte at Enjolras from Les Miserables while they lived together in Hogwarts! So they’d demand anime/cartoon icon characters instead find a human representation, a PB - ‘played by’ - that might be an actor, or a model, instead of using the pictures from their original animated media. If you wanted to play Disney’s Bambi? Time to yahoo search ‘deer pictures’ and make icons out of actual photographs.
And lo, much drama would ensue: First, the people who hated having to use a PB at all. Then, with the people using PBs, you had your semi-legitimate grievances regarding characters being race-bent (ex. white actors representing Japanese anime characters), or age differences where very adult characters might suddenly be represented by icons of popular teen idols. Then you had people complaining about PBs being too pretty. Or for the chosen actor being miscast for the character. etc.
Behold, excavated from 2009-2011, some finely aged PB drama:
Here is a vampire roleplayer ranting about an unrelated vampire roleplay group’s choice of actors for their icons and lack of standards (highlight quote: “Of course, this is generally true of most IJ RPs - they are typically full of prepubescent females whose sole goal in RPing is to have their Megan Fox played by fuck someone's Zac Efron played by, and who happen to believe that "good rping" consists of posts of one sentence with a word or two in italics for flavor.”): https://imgur.com/SRyjgqq
‘Secrets’ communities on livejournal were communities where anonymous messages (sometimes positive, often hate rants) would be sent in the form of images to moderators who would collect and post them. Some vintage icon-related secrets: https://i.imgur.com/mlE1LhV.png https://imgur.com/0AbxsU0
NEW: https://imgur.com/a/2UzhLtp Another secret regarding the crime of off-center pictures.
Remember how I said 100 icons for paid accounts? Well, not everyone had the time and chops to make those essential 100 graphics for their character, let alone those who played several characters in different communities, and thus might need 700 unique little 100x100 looks. Or perhaps you weren’t into RP, but you really need to fully represent every one of your fandom tastes. Fortunately, livejournal had a thriving community of icon makers to meet the endless audience demand.
You had some options when getting your character icons together: Mix and match from different icon creators, if the character was popular enough. (Having clashing bordeno border icons because of using different makers, though? What a bad look.) Make a few yourself. (Not having 100, though? What a bad look.) Make the full 100 yourself (Passable, if you have the talent). Commission ANOTHER user to make you 100 all in the same style (Welcome to the nouveau-riche of LJ.)
Take a quick look at this image: https://imgur.com/V3OrcPl It’s an example of an icon page complete with the “made by” to the icon maker. Crediting was a big deal, telling you who made the icon and what rules they had for using it.
Of course, these icons were public on a journal’s icon page, and we all know right-click -> save as. So there was nothing stopping you from waiting until another user had commissioned an artist for a popular character and paid for a full unique set, then downloading them all, and using them yourself.
Thus, you would see users slap ‘Do not use/do not take/do not steal’ on the icon page, fruitlessly.. Similar to the repost twitteinstagram art drama of today, commissioned icons would be taken, re-used and lose credit in the process. Another frequent slapfight was over editing fanart into icons and claiming the credit to yourself, instead of the artist who made the original work - after all, you made this icon.
Here is a confrontation between thief and maker: https://i.imgur.com/4DUDOUZ.png An example of common sentiments: https://i.imgur.com/gHexyqM.png
NEW: A vigilante community for calling-out icon thieves: https://imgur.com/a/bTBpKZa
Two sides of a confrontation when an icon commission goes wrong: https://imgur.com/a/6KYAkKc
After Strikethrough, Nipplegate and the general collapse of Livejournal as a home for fandom, people scattered to the four winds and took their icon culture with them. Many clones of livejournal (inc. dreamwidth, insanejournal, and journalfen) received an influx of new icon makers, and those which survive to this day still have icon communities and the same 100x100 pixel icon representations. Those who left the forum ecosystem in favour of Tumblr or Twitter left behind this particular style -- but that doesn’t mean there’s never been drama of the icon kind, there, either. Dollmaker websites such as piccrew often open with an explanation of the artist’s expectations for how they may be used as icons and how to give credit.
I have no doubt that to this very day, somewhere out there in the great internet beyond is yelling at someone else about crediting as I finish this write-up.
This is a peek at one of Livejournal’s old subcultures! I only skimmed the surface, and some of what I touched on was not unique to icon culture -- the ‘secrets’ anonymous submission format was common for more than just fandoms and was seen also for different fashion communities. The ‘rants’ communities were abundant for every topic you can name. What do you remember?
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2021.09.20 13:46 Fluffyfrybits Ooooo a nice looking mom

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2021.09.20 13:46 Levi97533 Can anyone help me ive been stuck on this stage for a while

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2021.09.20 13:46 Skyrid3r698 Is there really no option to configure totp or am I missing something ?

I would really like to have two factor authentication using totp for my grafana web interface. I looked through Oauth2 but that is not what I want as far as I unterstand.
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2021.09.20 13:46 Haunting_Number7379 League with openings

Next Gen* Season 1 Week 1 tonight!!!, Teams open in an NGXBOX, SIM Madden 21 MONEY league in a long standing league. Teams open in a fresh year 1 Xbox next gen SIM league. Cash prize Madden Money sim league with regular rosters and rules link below!! Group me run, Daddy leagues enabled. Rules link below. $10$ buy in!!
Open teams below Seahawks Raiders Broncos Dolphins
Prizes $100 SB winner $50 runner up $25 to Conference losers $5 to every playoff team $10 for COY $10 for MVP $5 for DOPY $5 for OPOY
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2021.09.20 13:46 quitplayingwURdingy The Other Way: Ellie

I absolutely cannot stand Ellie. This woman is so damn annoying, dramatic and not to mention, soooo very stupid. She's not naive, just stupid.
Sundays episode made me dislike her even more. Everything she said was annoyingly dumb. Like, for example, saying Victor may be a changed person because he went through the most traumatic thing imaginable. I just can't with her. And her overdramatics. I usually mute her scenes or fast forward.
Am I the only person who can't watch or listen to her because she makes skin crawl?
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